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Rediscovery and Happy Marriage Cake

       Since Memorial Day, I have been living parallel lives are just coming back together now in mid-July, and it feels like what I imagine when the "streams cross" in Ghostbusters. All the kids are manic.      I went to Iceland on a graduate student field trip for two weeks at the beginning of June. I was filled with so much social anxiety and mom to-do lists I felt like I would explode, but also Iceland is one of my favorite places on the planet, and I wanted to be back there enjoying it. The trip was filled with friends and also acquaintances, and I knew I would be straddling the different social groups. Frankly, it is amazing how much I can still learn about myself when I have space from parenthood, but also flooring how much it has shaped me as a person. A lot of the trip was managing disappointment, and feelings of being left behind in parenthood as friendships grew stronger around me. The rest was realizing that I can now be the even-keeled woman of perspective, a rol

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